the identification of the individual

the cause of all these problems on planet earth
and the end of this world due to the climate collapsing

being very simple >

these all come from a principly false identification
of those billions of individuals on this world

" so ... I am the most important thing "

with satan as a loyal support !

then maybe my family
a little bit ... if need be !

maybe my region as a propaganda !?
my nation ... because patriotism will be sounding good  ???
if I just feel like > at the soccer world championship ...

then maybe my continental affiliation ???
my world ??? ... my solar system ???
my galaxy ???

I only need them to steal !
to destroy ... to enslave everyone ... to rule!

and the universe ?
the creation of it ?

that is something for the church on Sunday !
to creating some vanity about my criminal existence "

there while any one homo sapiens
having first come our cosmos ...

meaning ... creation as the first priority !
then his galaxy ... then his solar system
then his world ... then his continent
his nation .... then his region

then his community coming ...
his family ... he himself

and only in this way can a universe be preserved
can people ... live worthy of humans
can a future be achieved at all ?

there while without creation ... without galaxy
without a life friendly world environment  ...
without homo sapiens !

he definitely ... having no chance
to exist somewhere ... infinitely !

because he could only lose himself
that having lived for a while

at the cost of a long term existence

therefore this regrettable united shame
not even legal ... since there are no legitimate citizens
let alone office holders ... except here

since all of them ... not even legal
because only one pest ...

who illegally coming to power
because not guaranteeing real human rights

in principle we need homo sapiens rights
and never predation rights or vermin rights
like climate flipping  rights and world robbery rights
since we absolutely need homo sapiens
because with some plague ...

we can never achieve anything
just abolish us ... destroy creation

not a life friendly world
in a life friendly galaxy
in a life friendly cosmos

so in our galactic nation

where in million x million worlds of wisdom
and a trillion homo sapiens

which of course cannot be locking on
that their entire existence being destroyed

all your worlds of wisdom
deleted from our cosmos ...
just to savoir for a while this pest
to enable your delusion becoming real

the foundation

the galactic religion

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